Fellowship Room



WELCOME TO The Fellowship Room!

Trying to connect from a smart phone? Consider loading and using the Jitsi Meet app (on Android and iPhone) with the room "lhm.church" or just click here to use a direct Jitsi Meet page.

If you want to call in to hear audio via phone, call 512-402-2718 and enter access code 2840992799#.

Before the current crisis, our church loved to gather and talk with one another. Some churches have a minute where people turn and shake hands with those around them. Our church has a meet and greet time which can run 10 minutes some days. Everyone is just so glad to see one another!

How do we combat the lack of face time with one another during this crisis? Well, we've decided to implement this virtual Fellowship Room.

What we have planned so far:

  • Meet & Greet here immediately after our Virtual Church meeting on Sundays
  • Bible Study on Wednesdays 7PM ET
  • Looking to add a morning Bible Study sometime during the week (check back for details)

Join us!

A few hints:

  • If you have issues, try using the Chrome browser. It seems to work pretty well for this.
  • Do you see a request to access your camera and microphone? Click YES. You can always turn them off afterwards.
  • Do you see a request to install an extension for Google Calendar? No need to, unless you want it. Click the X in the upper right of that box to make it go away.
  • Do you see a message that says, "Failed to access your camera"? Your device may not have a camera, or the room doesn't have access to it. Click the OK box to dismiss the message.
  • You can decide if you want your camera or microphone on. Run your mouse over the screen above. In the center bottom, you'll see a microphone, a red telephone, and a camera. Click on the microphone to mute and unmute your microphone. Click the camera to turn your camera on or off. And click the red telephone handset to exit the meeting.

Here's a short video explaining how to use the interface: